soundcheck on Hifi-Music-World 2010 presenting a Touch based solution

Last weekend I had been invited to present a streaming solution based around
my fully tweaked Touch to the public on the biggest german DIY fair (Hifi-Music-World 2010) in Stuttgart.

Silvercore (a manufacturer of  real great sounding tube-amps, transformers, pre-amps and now  also a DAC  and Bastanis  , who produces my all-time f
avorite speakers, were teaming up for a gig.

Surprisingly I was invited to present my streaming solution based on a Squeezebox Touch, feeding their system.

Me on the "other" side!?!? Feeding such equipment on a show.  Brave guys!

Hmmh. I thought - why not I know what I'm doing. Lets give it a try.

The location was great. The showroom was quite large  and acoustically pretty well treated. The setup of the chain went quite straight forward.

After powering up the chain and a little tweaking here and there we got the
machine surprisingly well working. That well that we sat down and enjoyed ourselves for quite some time until late at night.

I was really lucky to be part of that Silvercore/Bastanis team. I own a Bastanis speaker by myself since almost 5 years, so I knew what to expect. On top of that the Silvercore electronics. I gotta say - pretty cool stuff what Christof builds over there in Leipzig.

The next two days: 2*10 hours of music. And pretty much a fully loaded room throughout. 

I can tell you, I've been more than happy with the overall sound of that system. Never expected such a great quality sound on a fair. Endless reverberation. Timbre was excellent. Chinese drums were causing cardiac arrhythmia and Mari Boine causing goose bumps. So - what else did I want.
After the show and dinner we even went back to the showroom to get some more.

Of course what counts is peoples feedback. I rather let them talk - if somebody out of that crowd sneaks by accidentally - shoot! .

We also did an AB verification of the non-modded and the modded Touch on the day before. I told them prior to the show, that if there'd be just a slight difference, I'd be gone. I obviously stayed. ;)  I do think though that my entire solution
has been very impressive.

Two weeks earlier my good friend "sonics", who is running my "fully" modified Touch feeding a Buffalo , showed up with an iPad as control device.

Folks ... I couldn't resist. 500$/€ + some little extras is a lot of money. As soon as you start controlling your collection with it you forget about that pain in the wallet. Comparing it now to the iPhone (or any other) control makes me smile.
Of course I had to take the pad to the fair. I can tell you, that I've been looking into more than one jealous pair of eyes during the show. Especially if you've got a well organized (tags/albumarts) collection in front of you the fun part starts.

Finally, to conclude: The weekend was a great experience from my side.
I met quite some people on the show who really enjoyed the music and sound we've been presenting.

And -- it was the first time that I felt "That's enough"  24 hours of music in two days - my ears need some rest.


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