soundcheck's Squeezebox Touch Toolbox 2.0

The Touch Toolbox project has been terminated. (I do not own a SB Touch anymore)

I'd recommend to have a closer look at my RaspBerry PI based projects.


  1. Thanks... It works :-) I just had to reset my Touch because i was running with the old disable WLAN scripts, so ttinit was not working first time.
    Great work and a great documentation of all the settings.
    I'll test the sound al weekend.
    Thanks again for the old version and the new. Best Regrads from a Touch user from Denmark

  2. Great! Thanks a lot!

  3. Fantastic Work Klaus, thanks for letting us all try this - very good improvement, even over the previous Mods.

    Dont know if you can shed any light on this though...?
    since doing the mods I have a "crackle" coming through the speakers now and again?
    I upsample my Redbook Flac's to 96Khz using a Custom.convert.conf file with SOX in Squeezecentre, and I suspect the crackle is coming from a conflict maybe between that and some software change inside the Touch from the new Mods?

    I will tweak my conf. file to see if that makes a difference but I would appreciate any thoughts you have?

    You had us all on Tenterhooks waiting for these mods!

  4. Regarding "crackles"

    Thx for the feedback.

    I updated the blog.

    Please have a look for "Advise" within the ttbuffer section.

    I hope that'll solve it.

    In any case I'd strongly recommend to try 44.1/16 without upsampling.

  5. Dear Klaus

    Many, many thanks for sharing your great work with us. The improvement of the sound is really substancial and therefore I made use of the little yellow button at the end of the page to make a donation to you :-) I hope that many users will do the same, because you deserve some financial support from our side to honour your work!

    Thanks again and all best wishes to you


  6. Reply to my earlier comment about "crackles"..

    Thanks Klaus, raising the Buffer number to 4000 did the trick!

  7. Hi Klaus

    Thank you so much for your great work. The improvement of the soundquality is substancial and the setup is very easy. Because I estimate your great work I used the little yellow button at the bottom and made a donation. Hope many other users will do the same to help you to continue your work.

    Thanks again.

    Greetings from Switzerland


  8. Es hat alles wunderbar funktioniert und es ist tatsächlich mit jeder Mod. eine Verbesserung, sprich "reiner" und körperhafter, verbunden.
    Übrigens habe ich mein QNAP direkt mit dem HUB (der ein Switch ist) verbunden. Somit ist der ROuter unbeteiligt und zwischen HUB und QNAP gibts GBit-Ethernet. Vielleicht ist das auch der Grund warum der Server auf dem QNAP etwas duckvoller klingt als vom Netbook mit 100Mbit - NIC.
    Was noch fehlt ist der Sbooster....Wird demnächst bestellt.
    Tausend Dank. Stefan

  9. Vielen Dank,
    das ist ein tolles Projekt. Meine squeezebox klingt deutlich besser. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.
    Tausend Dank. So etwas habe ich mir gewünscht, hätte es aber nicht selbst tun können.
    Grüße aus Mülheim

  10. Very nice job !!!

    a french user.

  11. Thanks, excellent results with SBT spdif output. Followed Soundchecks advice almost to the letter and found the following:
    the WLAN mod made the biggest difference. Initially used dlan powerline but found that a better, (and cheaper solution)was a wireless ethernet bridge. Unfortunately could not get server based decoding to work well. The readynas duo does not have enough power to cope with 24/96 decoding. Still sounds fantastic. Thanks again.


  12. Coole Sache.
    Hab die Box an meinem NAIM-DAC hängen...klasse!!!!

  13. Vielen Dank Klaus,
    I have activated all the SW modifications, and improved a lot my audio system.
    Thank you!!!!


  14. Thanks a lot for hack!

    Run with a NAIM amp and Metrum NOS DAC and your tweaks are a hugh improvement for the system. More accurate, detailed and cleaner sound.

    Now the Touch can play music!

  15. Hi, I used to run Toolbox 1.0 analog out only, and thought I would try your 2.0. Version 2.0 did not work for me, as it killed my access to Pandora and Sirius XM. I now want to reinstall Toolbox 1.0, but it seems to have been taken down. Would you possibly consider reposting version 1.0? If not, do you know of any third-party links to the 1.0 patch and instructions on how to install it? Thanks!

  16. Hi "Dan in USA"

    Try to NOT run the output mod.
    Issues (chipmonk effect) had been reported earlier related to internet streaming.

    By not applying the output mod the issue was gone.

    All other mods shouldn't have any impact.

  17. Hi Klaus!

    Very good work. Thanks a lot! I played a bit with the 'ttscreen' code and found my screen could be switched on again without rebooting by:

    echo "1" > /sys/devices/platform/fab4_gpio.0/LCD_DISP
    echo "0" > /sys/class/backlight/mxc_ipu_bl.0/bl_power

    You could probably use this to make 'ttscreen' act like a switch (similar to 'ttvol100').


  18. Hi Klaus,

    Fantastic work, I installed your tweaks and there is no going back :D
    Small issue though - I'm using SB Touch with an external dac, have a linear psu for the Touch, and I have all the upgrades installed (the volume lock toolbox as well) - with this setup I still find the sound quality through WIFI superior to WLAN - deeper soundstage, better separation. Maybe I missed something in WLAN setup?

  19. Hi Klaus,

    Thanks for your enthusiasm & efforts to create and release TT2.0!

    I'm a TT2.0 user now, could I ask you that your TT2.0 can also install on logitech transporter?


  20. Hi Klaus,
    Tell me please, how to keep all changes and enable just volume control?
    I'm not using preamp, just SB directly to amp.

  21. You just run ttvol100 again. It toogle volume control on/off. If you
    guys run SBS 7.6-beta you can skip the ttvol100-mod. They introduced 1. the volume lock feature and 2. the lock won't make a difference anymore.

  22. Klaus,

    Thanks for posting this. Good stuff.

    I'm intrigued to try it out. Can't do without the screen for now, so I'm planning to do the ethernet piece and the decoding at the PC.

    Regarding ethernet: should I wire the Touch to the router or straight into the PC would be better? Right now the PC goes wirelessly to a Cisco N router, and so does the Touch. I could wire the Touch to the router and the PC to the router, or wire the Touch straight into the PC.

    What do you think?


  23. Hi, fantastic site. Have made all the TT 2.0 and Beta changes and was getting fantastic resolution, the only problem was the sound was a bit thin and got wearing after a while. Playing Flacs 0. Bought DBPoweramp ref 14.1 and noticed there is a flac setting for no compression. ripped using this and sound is much fuller and more detailed. file same size as wav. system is benchmark dac, linn klout, atc scm 20, missing link cables so resolution not a problem.

  24. As always nice work Soundcheck...Just for kicks I am making a CMP2 machine [XP bios tweaks,OS tweaks etc] just for being the server. I figure if all that works to make cPlay sound great it should work the same for SB-Server.

    ~Dynobot aka Dynaudiorules

  25. Hi,

    I installed 7.6 server and I cant change the always says 20000us. Is a new toolbox needed?

  26. soundcheck, I just did all your softmods except for disabling the display, and got excellent results running digital out only into my DAC. I found the disabling of other outputs and the wifi to have the most benefit. The sound quality is very impressive - thank you!

  27. Many thanks for the toolbox. I am unable to adopt all SW recommendations but I am definitely noticing an improvement... hearing a few things I had not noticed before in favourite recordings!

    Thanks for sharing with the community.

  28. Thanks Soundcheck for the amazing mods. I wish you would release your TT 3.0 soon.
    I made all your mods with excellent results. Thanks again. Following is my observation in my system. When using digital out from touch, the BG noise level is much lower compared to analog out. I use average cables for both digital and analog outs from touch. Is it because Touch's DAC is not as good as my old Anthem AVM pre?, so something is going weird. Thanks.

  29. Thanks a lot for the toolbox, having the Touch up and running it took about 30 min to make your mods work. For a larger group of potential users it might be worth mentioning that your mods (besides the screen mod...) do not(!) change the user interface. The sonic improvements are substantial, I'm using digital out only.

    Thanks a lot


  30. Hi Klaus aka Soundcheck

    wäre es möglich diese Anleitung auch in Deutsch zu veröffentlichen
    Falls ja wäre es auch schön wenn du einen kurzen Hinweis darauf im deutschen Squeezebox-Forum hinterläßt.

    Danke Stefan

  31. Works thanks. I used this to disable analog audio.

  32. Thanks Klaus - superb work, really opened up the SBT's sound through SPDIF>Sabre DAC, all mods turned on except wifi.

    Location forces me to use wifi, but I've got it running unencrypted (VLAN with access only to SBS via iptables, I'm not crazy ;) so I think this is the best case for minimum load on the SBT.

    Next job is to build a new AMB sigma11 linear PSU....

    cheers. /dom

  33. Great Mods Klaus. It's inconvenient for me to disable wireless. How do you feel about Homeplugs. I'm concerned that they just introduce noise into the mains and therefor negate the benefits
    Your views would be appreciated


  34. Hello Klaus

    Thanks for developing and sharing - i'vo some questions. As a long tim apple user i have al lot of mp3 an apple lossless audio. Is ist posible to avoid alac-decoding of the squeezebox or is you modification it just working with flac?

    perhaps it's because of my bad english, i don't understand all of the explanations.



  35. V3.0- great work, sounds better and more convenient to use.

  36. Hi,

    Sorry to bother you with what is probably a naive question...I have just purchased a Squeezebox Touch and I wonder if any of the miraculous improvements in sound quality that your software provides are available if I use the device in stand-alone mode? Of course I understand that I will have to use a PC to install the mods but do I get any benefit if I don't use it as a server?



  37. Hi ,

    I'm really enjoying my squeezebox with the toolbox 3.0

    But i was wondering.. How can i have BOTH Analog and digital output "ON" at the same time ... ? As i woke up with my squeezebox and i don't want my DAC to be on all the night...

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