Touch Toolbox 3.0

Squeezebox Touch Toolbox



I don't support the Touch Toolbox project any longer.

Why? I don't have a working Squeezebox Touch anymore.

You'll be 100% on your own if you continue to run the/a Toolbox.
If you keep running the Toolbox, you keep running it at your own risk.
As always have a look at the Disclaimer on the right hand side of my Blog.

Just to mention it: The Toolbox can easily be removed by a hardware reset
(pushing the black button on the back of the SB Touch).

And remember: The Toolbox and EDO  shall not be installed at the same time!!

Thx to all of you, who tried and appreciated the Toolbox for quite a long period of time.

For those who liked the results achieved with the Touch and the Toolbox,

I'd recommend to have a closer look at my RaspBerry PI based projects.

There's a lot that can still be done for those enjoying to run a "squeeze" streaming environment.
With today's options at hand, new projects IMO can lead to results even better to 
what's been possible with a SB Touch.




  1. Great job, many thanks Klaus!

    By the way, has anyone recognized that the new 7.7.0 update brought significant sonic improvement? I mean smoother sound, wider and more precise space.

    Any opinions?

  2. -v makes all the difference, before sound was thin and bass light - after sound much fuller with good bass. 3 seems much better than 2. well done.

  3. Love your software improvements very much, version 3 sounds better then 2.
    I have one problem playing 24kbps CBR MP3 stream, it sounds like the Smurfs. In version 2 i could fix it by disabling the output mod, but version 3 there is only a selection for digital or analog (I use the digital output to my Naim SuperNait). Do you have a solution for this?

  4. Hi Klaus,

    Great mods (TT3.0-WLAN)! At first I was a bit underwhelmed but just reversing the mains plug of the SBT put the SQ in audiophile territory imho. Apparently the Touch is sensitive to plug orientation. I'd be hard pressed to hear significant differences with my CDP now. Controlling the SBT from my iPad is a breeze, feeding 24/96 files from my laptop (SSD disk, without a hickup. Thank you very much!

    best regards, Harry

  5. Thank you for your effort.
    It is now a black brick, but it sounds really great.

  6. Thanks , great job. presently using analogue out. appreciable improvement inspite of disabling wlan mod.Keep up ur good work.


  7. Joachim Müller-KlinkJanuary 6, 2012 at 8:05 PM

    Hallo Klaus!
    Eine wunderbare Anleitung, die Du den Squeezebox-Nutzern bietest. Demnächst, wenn ich die Zeit dafür aufbringen kann, werde ich Deine Empfehlungen ausprobieren. Befürchte nur, dass dies länger als die angekündigte halbe Stunde dauern wird ;-). Doch zuvor möchte ich Dich bitten, mal zu schauen, wo viele der Bilder geblieben sind, auf denen die Einstellungen nachzulesen sind. Von dem Abschnitt 1.2 Player angefangen bis zum Ende des Artikels fehlen neun Bilder.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Joachim Müller-Klink

  8. Hi Klaus
    Thanks for the new update!
    I'm running my SB touch on a high end digital amplifier - and with your mods, the touch becomes a really impressive player.

    Kind regards


  9. Thank you for your time to make my devise better.

  10. Thank you so much for your hard work on this project ! I just installed the TB V3 and the results are Fabulous ! I finally "feel" the music as it should always be with Hi End equipment ! Donation sent and well deserved !


  11. Really transforms the Touch! No Squeezebox in a serious setup should be without this! Brilliant!
    Spread the word!

  12. Great modification for my touch.
    Thanks from Korea.

    How about adding ability to support USB out in next version? :-)

  13. I lost bass , dynamics and imaging my Hifi was sounding terrible and then a friend of mine reminded me that in clearing cache and so forth on my Squeezebox Touch would remove TT3.0 so then I reinstalled TT3.0 and it was fantastic again not having the TT3.0 mods for a month it is very very obvious when you do not have Klauses mods just how much sound quality you are missing .

    Thanks again Klaus fantastic job

  14. Hi. Any idea if your mods work on an SB3?

  15. thanks for this article it is very informative and thanks for hardwork on this project.great efforts.
    active visual

  16. At first glance, the sound was a bit thin as mentioned earlier in this thread. I tried the -v options in the toolbox menu and somehow that thinness disappeared. The highs still maintain accentuated with this upgrade.

    The soundstage and dynamics are nothing short but spectacular! Any serious music lover should try this upgrade. Highly recommended!

  17. Hi Klaus,

    thanks for you toolbox and tweaks. I installed them on my SB Touch and for now it works fine. I even think that the touch plays slightly louder now, but I haven't done any measurements or extensive testing.

    However, I have a few questions:
    1) Since in your tutorial you assume using an external server to feed the touch, I was wondering if any of your tweaks actually are better not applied when the Touch is used as a server with a flash drive as the data source?

    2) Is there any more documentation to what the tweaks actually do? Most tweaks are self-explanatory, but for some I don't have a clue. E.g. what does the Watchdog mod or the Jive2 mod or the hosts mod do? Also, I understand what the buffer mod does, but I don't for now I don't understand how it would make an audible difference. Is there an explanation that I haven't found yet? Actually since I got xruns I changed it to the original value, for now. It's not that I question your efforts, but I'd like to understand them better to see how they are apply best to my setup.

    3) After I installed your mod and rebooting, the SB touch performed a full rescan of my database from my flash drive. Is that normal?

    4) My setup is this: My SB Touch is connected via analog outputs and RCA cables to my stereo amp (Yamaha amp, with floorstanding speakers by Monitor Audio).
    The network connection to the touch is ethernet, with wireless turned off by your mod.
    I have a 64GB flash drive connected to the touch with my music on it. The touch runs its built-in server to play the music.
    Furthermore, I have an SD card plugged into the touch that serves as swap space. (I sometimes got out of memory errors that caused the server to crash, so I followed another tutorial to provide the SB Touch with some swap space. Since then I haven't had any out of memory errors anymore.)

    As for your mods, I initialized them as you recommend in the tutorial, but I disabled the IR and Display mods, set Audio outputs to analog, and reset the Buffer size to 20000 because of xruns.

    Based on this information, would you recommend me any further tweaks or even turning off some of your tweaks because I run the built-in server on the touch?

    Thanks a lot and kind regards (from Freiburg, btw),


  18. Thank you very much, i bought a Touch after having a duet just because of all your improvements. i finally receive it today and have finally implemented everything, works like a charm !!!
    Just waiting now for a tweak in order to make it working with the ODAC from NwAvGuy. this duo would be the most powerful system with low price on earth ;-)

  19. Hi, I just installed TB3 and it's just amazing. My SB sounds like a 5000$ CD player. You did an amazing job. Anybody who owns a SB must install this toolbox. You dont know what you're missing.
    Thks Klaus you'are the man.


  20. thank you very much operation done under kubuntu thanks to your step by step explanations, the gain is real and listenable I only use the digital output to feed my DCX2496 tweaked. change the electric power and with your touch toolbox 3.0 squeezebox make a wonder.
    a big thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    christian france

  21. Thanks for the work Klaus.
    I have been using TT2 for a while then changed to TT3 and set the screen off. My wife commented that the system was sounding good today.
    I had not told her I had changed anything.

    Enough said I think.

  22. Hi Klaus.

    Your modifications in combination with the low noise power supply from AQVOX bring the sound from the Squeezebox on the stage.

    Standing ovations from the north of germany!


  23. Hi Klaus,

    Your mods are might impressive.
    I´ve never thought sbt could be so musically.
    I´ve never thought about sbt could have such transparency.
    -THANK YOU for all this -
    I don´t know whats more is possible on a midrange equipment - but I will follow you...
    Our understanding of "sound-philosophy" seems to be very similar.
    So - keep on going on for longer lasting enjoyment...
    Best regards
    PS: are using a special toslink cable...where is it to buy in germany ?

  24. Hi Klaus, is your Touch Toolbox 3.0 applicable to Squeezebox Classic?


  25. The Toolbox covers the Touch only, because it is the only Linux based unit.

  26. Hi Klaus,

    Allow me to thank you and congratulate you for this exclellent research and for putting the effort to provide such detailed instructions!

    The audio quality impact is very significant on my system. I own a Touch for years, and although I always liked it as a gadget, I never considered it to be part of my high end gear. It lacked some dynamics (no enthousiasm = boring) and many instruments were somewhat unconvincing. My CD player was performing much better in this respect although they both feed the same external DAC (Benchmark). Following your recommendations this has changed now and I like the Touch better than my CD!

    For your statistics, a buffer of 3400 works fine for me (no clicks).

    I can also confirm that in my configuration the sound is best when flac decompression takes place at the server for CD quality (and below) files. Like you say, the opposite is true for hi res files. In order however to avoid changing the settings every time you pick a record, I tried to convert my hi res files (24/96) to WAV (I use dbPowerAmp - there is no loss in converting from lossless to WAV), and send native WAV to the Touch. Et voila! The sound is even better for these hi res files while audio extended properties show a healthy 4506 kbps instead of 1411 which is shown if you ask the squeezebox server to convert to PCM. Some people claim that the 1411 kbps indication is incorrect, but following the above finding I have my reservations on this.
    Anyway, I am perfectly happy because both CD res and Hi res files play perfectly now and I don't need to change settings each time.

    Thank you again,

  27. Just to add another load of praise for TT3.0

    I was really sceptical that it would make noticeable difference to the sound of my SBT - my ears are more cloth/wood/tin than golden :)

    But, man alive, the difference is *amazing*.

    Thank you very much for the work you've done on this!

  28. Thanks. Wonder if TT3.0 is final or you are taking a pause and would continue to work on improvement later

  29. It could be final -

  30. Thanks for all the work

    After owning the box for a month I installed TT 3.0 yesterday and i'm really satisfied.

    Now i'm afraid the little box will die someday ;)

  31. Totally flabbergasted by the difference your tweaks make. No way of going back. Additional advance is that the little black brick can now be put somewhere out of sight since the display is off anyway.
    A very big thanks for developing and sharing this !

  32. Servus Klaus
    I installed successfully TT3.0 one week ago, and of course I'm overwelmed by the result.

    1 question remaining, that I want to ask about WLAN-Mod

    when tt -s Status function reports ENABLED, is WLAN then switched ON, or OFF ?


  33. I lost my tarball from toolbox...and installed a new Firmware. Is there any source for downloading the toolbox tarfile ?