Squeezebox Touch -- Toolbox and Modifications 1.0

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  1. Many thanks for posting this.I have made the SW mods. & there is just so much more detail I am hearing that I am quite shocked. The HW mods.are beyond me but I will get a linear power supply, perhaps a Paul Hynes or a Pardo.

    WK Brown.

  2. Thank you for graciously sharing your hard work with the community. The instructions on the site are very clear, and I was able to apply the software mod under 5 mins.

    The difference was immediately noticeable. To my ears, the effect of the mod is akin my experience of upgrading my Buffalo DAC with superior Paul Hynes power supplies. The sound is more realistic and three-dimensional with no trade-offs. Very, very impressive for a mod that's so quick and easy to apply.

    (below is an "excerpt" taken from a PM I sent to soundchek)

    I think the major improvement brought by the new mod is better "clarity", which I would describe as quieter background and a greater amount of minute details. I'm listening to Harry Belafonte's "Live in Concert At The Carnegie Hall" as I type, and I get this eerie feeling; it almost feels as if Belafonte is glaring at me because I'm tapping my fingers on a "miniature TV" instead of paying full attention to his performance! Maybe I'm staying up way too late for the good of my sanity, but I've never been so impressed by my Touch (or any other digital transport for that matter)!

    For those interested: my super jung reg-powered SBT feeds SPDIF through a 75Ohm Canare-terminated Apogee coax cable to a moderately modded Buffalo DAC with passive transformer output.

  3. Great tips Soundcheck!!
    Easy to do and big impact!
    More air, timbre and depth, no doubt about it!
    I tested thesa sw mods using the analog out. I have done hw mods on Touch like removed output caps, regulated dc supply. My system consists of 300B SET 2x50kg mono blocks and upgraded Avantgarde Duo's, pure silver cabling all over in a separate listening room.

  4. Hi-
    Very interesting stuff. Can you give me a better idea of just what the software mods do?

    Is it a case of eliminating "unecessary" processes and thereby improving the sound? If so, what is the improvement? Less jitter in the digital path? Or is it in the analogue path?


  5. @Danny

    I am just turning off several processes and do some realtime-kernel-scheduler parameter adjustments.

    You can download the files. These are all
    text files. You'll see what I do.

  6. Thank you, I have implemented three bits of your advice; wired through-out (the router to Touch was also already wired), server conversion of FLAC and the SW mods. The cummulative effect of these has been a very welcome improvement in the general clarity of the sound on the analogue outputs. It's taken the Touch up several levels in my estimation.

    I dare not open the Touch to disconnect the screen! What I would really, really like is a software way of doing this.

    Many thanks, great work!


  7. Thank you Soundcheck for your great efforts on this topic! I switched the settings to FLAC decoding via PC server and there was a clear improvement in SQ! I still use WLAN so I could not apply all your SW mods (I installed them, but than WLAN was disabled). Regarding the discussion about mass loops and un-shielded patch wires wouldn´t be WLAN the better network-solution? Could you create a SW mod. for WLAN (incl. your adjustments of kernal settings) for those who want to keep the advantages of this type of connection? I think it would be worth a comparisson to wired solution, don´t you think?

  8. Most appreciated! I am using an Elpac WM-220 ($30 on Ebay) for power, and all software mods you provided. The software changes provided a really meaningful improvement, using the SPDIF out to a stock PS Audio DL-III. The sound is more fluid, less grainy, more like excellent vinyl. Pacing seems notably better, and the experience is more relaxing. Thanks!

  9. Many, many thanks, vielen Dank!
    I've applied the Software-Mods, descripted here. All the decoding is done by the SBT, because I don't want to run a PC or NAS or another additional device.
    The Music is stored on an USB-Stick.
    And guess what - the difference is remarkable, and not only slightly!
    The Signal goes via SPDIF Apogee Wyde Eye to an Advance Acoustic MPP-505 modified by Stephan Horwege via XLR to QUAD 12 L Active Studio Monitors.
    You see, the Equipment is not too expensiv - but everyone can hear the difference.
    It's like spending extra 1.000,00 Euros for a better CDP.
    Tank you, Bodo

  10. Hi Klaus,

    Great to share this all! I really like what I hear. Could it be that my standard Cambridge DacMagic performs better or is it all in the digital domain of the Touch?

    Something I hoped for also happened: the buffering has seized that occured whenever I started a 24 bits file! GREAT! It seems like album art and playlist get loaded slower, which is OK with me.

    Ans now we go for a new PSU...

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    Groeten uit Holland

  11. Hello Klaus,

    Thanks for your clear guide and explanation.

    I have a tip for people who are upgrading from the default SqueezeBox configuration and a wireless connection to this tweak and an Ethernet connection: Configure your SqueezeBox to use Ethernet before applying this update.

    I didn’t do this and as a result I couldn’t use the wireless connection to access my SqueezeBox after applying the tweaks. Trying to configure the SqueezeBox to use the Ethernet connection also wouldn’t work anymore. After I reset the device to factory defaults everything worked like it should again, but I had to re-apply the tweaks.

    Now I’m off to do some listening tests. Thanks again!

    Kind regards,

  12. Hi
    Great info!
    Is there any point in doing the script mods (point 4) without the preceding adjusts? (I am running with a USB hard drive - thats why I bought the touch!). I was hoping that the mods might make the interface might get a little quicker, less buggy...

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  14. Hi Klaus,

    I had a small problem since I used the 1.2 Server Based Decoding.
    When I changed the CD, the music started for 2-3 seconds, then stopped for 5 seconds and then restarts.
    It was a buffer problem as the buffer tweak solved the problem !

    Thanks for your job !

  15. Hi there, Klaus!

    I am one of those that got fooled by the Logitech-description of the Touch that says, it delivers "audiophile" sound - whatever that means. However, I was disappointed by the sound quality, that was just way too far away from a natural (or to be precise: a natural illusion like) audio reproduction: Flat, sterile...

    I don’t want to put the “Touch” down, however. For the money, one gets a real lot of features and considering the price level, the sound quality is exactly what one can expect - or even a little bit better. However, it has nothing to do with “audiophile” like the Logitech website claims. This is just simply false. I suspect, that the public relations guy over at Logitech just doesn’t know what kind of expectations he awakes, when using this word.

    I applied your tweaks as far as I could, and it helped, but the audio quality is still not, what I would wish it was.

    My next steps will be an external DAC (I will probably buy one of audio-gd's ones, if they get deliverable again...) and a better power supply.

    However, I start wondering, if my choice was good: For 1400 EUR one can get a Reson rh streamer. This one will do everything the “touch” does, and a couple of other neat things, too. For instance, it will play files directly from a UPnP-NAS (network hard drive) and play and rip CDs to it, without any computer attached. This streamer comes from Reson, and those guys have proven to know, how to satisfy hardcore audio freaks (the base is a “Hifidelio” server, upgraded by Reson). Even when playing files over WiFi, it sounds very nice.

    After doing all the tweaks to the “Touch”, like buying a good power supply, setting up a PC as a decent squeezebox server (instead of just plugging a UPnP NAS into the modem) etc., one will end up with a crippled “Touch” without screen... and approaches about the same price level as for the Reson streamer. So I am really wondering, if I should have saved up the money to get me one of those Reson things instead of the touch...

    However, I started with the touch and I will try to get the max out of it with a decent DAC...

    Best regards and THANKS for all the excellent work and most of all, for sharing it !!!


  16. Hi Urs.

    I do agree to quite some points you are making.

    What can you expect from a 299€/250€ device!?!? -- That's actually a difficult question.
    At that price level Logitech offers a huge number of features and a quite good sounding device. There is AFAIK nothing comparable out there.

    The analog output is known to be average and requires at least my SW mods, the coupling cap mod and the PS mod to climb up the ladder. Still I wouldn't call it "audiophile" after doing all that.

    Most of the people I talk to (usually called audiophiles) running the device on the digital port for a reason.
    My advise: Use it as single purpose device -- a digital transport replacing a PC and a quality soundcard. It IMO still offers a good price/performance ratio. And you're not tight up to a big box design. I think you gain much more flexibility by going for a Touch/external DAC approach.(If you can live with 24/96)

    I need to correct you on one thing though:

    You won't end up with a crippled Touch. All SW mods are transparent. The PS mods are transparent. And the Screen mod (the SW mod) you can easily turn on and off. From outside you won't see a change. ;) There's nothing crippled. By doing a master reset you're back to ZERO.

    BTW: I've been invited to present my version of the Touch on a DIY fair next weekend (11/06+07/2010) in Stuttgart. Over there you'll experience the SW modified Touch feeding a Silvercore DAC/AMP combo and Bastanis speakers.
    The additional SW modifications I'll be presenting over there do seriously (in audiophile terms of course) lift the Touch performance further up. (You won't find those modifications listed over here)


  17. hi Klaus,

    thanks so much for sharing with us. these mods made a great deal of a leap on sound quality. i've been using heavily modded with ps and clocks upgrade on shigaclone and pioneer dv300 transports and also unmodded oppo bluray unmodded krell as transports.all are connected to a behringer src2496 with 6v6 tube output stage then to a 6v6 tube amp with lightspeed vol control and speakers are diy open baffles. the touch (with all your mods except "screen off") beats the hell out of the 4 transports.

    Very impresed with the modded touch indeed. and BTW, i've just read your recent post about some new SW mods you have which made me excited. it might be too too much to ask, and please pardon my curiosity. Jst want to ask if you will you be sharing them anytime soon?

    thanks for these great mods.

    God speed!!!!

    Ivan D...

  18. Klaus,

    I heard the above mentioned setup in Stuttgart last week. Saturday in the evening it was really offering great sound - never heard anything like! What a good chain! Congrats to you, Robert and Christof!!!

    Regards Ernst

  19. I would like to share a very interesting experience I have made today by listening to my mod Touch: I just bought a S-Booster linear power supply as adviced by Klaus and I immediately found an improvement of... the analog output, that became better than the SPDIF connected to a V-DAC!

    I was wondering why the V-DAC did not improve the sound of my installation and, after a while, I thought this would have to come from the power supply. I disconnected two transfos used for a media server and a hard disk on the same power outlet and, immediately, the sound of the SBT through the V-DAC became SUPERB. I have never heard such a pure sound from my own HiFi before.

    DEFINITELY you have to take care of power supplies! Thanks Klaus for your advices.

  20. hello, recently after I updated the squeezebox software and did the software mod you provided, everything seems to working fine, just the ttbuffer can not set the buffer size I needed, (I set the buffer size to 4000 before). When I check the ttstat, the bufferzise is always 20000. is this caused by the new update?

  21. Klaus,

    I am proud owner of a SBT (because of you!) now and looking for a beginner NAS - any recommendations (low price, easy setup)?
    I already use a Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive, but seems it is not possible to run SBServer on this NAS...

    Thanks for this excellent guide/how to