the controller

Meanwhile I covered the client, the server, the networking and also the audio interfaces within the Audio Streaming Series.

We've been focusing pretty much on increasing efficiency throughout the project.

Now it's time to also have a look at convenience. A system grows on you the better it can be managed.
Once we have all parts of the streaming environment up'n running, the user interface becomes the single window into our streaming setup, at least most of the time.

Many of you reading this enjoy and run a Logitechmediaserver based streaming solution.

So far the widely used LMS user interfaces and control apps came at an IMO rather good quality. 
They were and are OK. They've done the job.
I've been running Orange Squeeze and iPeng for years. And I was quite happy with them.
Of course I also tried all the the other apps you can find inside the app stores.

The situation changed some months ago,

when discovering that there's a rather new kid on the block:

Material Skin (MS)

This new community provided feature brought the LMS package to a whole new level.

Material Skin is an advanced LMS User Interface (UI) using latest web technologies.

You can simply install it via LMS Settings/Plugins.

Once that is done you access it via 

from a browser.

You basically just add "/material" to your known LMS server IP.

That works on any browser in the network. MS offers desktop and smartphone (horizontal/vertical) modes.

Once you've bookmarked MS, use the "Add Bookmark to Home" feature that comes with most of the browsers to pin MS to your homescreen. That'll give you direct access via icon. MS works under Android and iOS.

Change the layout/color scheme to your liking. There are plenty of options. And then make it (save as) "default". 
You'll then have the same layout/scheme on all platforms. Which IMO is an awesome feature!
To me it's been a new experience to have the same look and feel on all my control clients.
This will give your streaming setup one look and feel throughout the house.

I tested MS also with Qobuz,Tidal and Spotify installed. Works great.

MS is currently actively being developed/maintained. That's good to see. (Let see how this develops over time.)

Advise: Make sure you run the latest LMS. Download and install the latest 8.0 nightly build.
If you run old/outdated LMS versions, you might have problems getting it to work properly.

Another hint. Frequent MS updates are popping in. If that's the case and you've updated the plugin, clear 
your browsers history/cookies/etc. to activate all new features on your devices!

Bottom line. 

All my external control apps are gone now, replaced by Material Skin.
If you've not tested Material Skin yet. Give it a try. Highly recommended.

Thx to Craig for sharing this excellent work. It's highly appreciated.



  1. To run MS on Android, does it have to run under a Browser? Or is there a way to run it directly?

  2. As written in the article, Material Skin is a browser based HTML5 application. It works pretty much the same way on all OSes, including Android.

    If you use the Chrome/Firefox browser function "Add to HomeScreen" or e.g. "Add Bookmark to HomeScreen" inside the browsers Kebab menus while being on the MS page, you'll get a quick access icon on your homescreen.

    Using that icon later on to access MS will pretty much feel like using a normal app.


  3. There is now and Android app too. See

  4. Material Skin is godsend. In the past I avoid to use LMS based apps due to poor UI. Now I'm happily use Picoreplayer with LMS Material Skin.